Day 9, 2016.07.17 Irkutsk

Day 9, 2016.07.17 Irkutsk 1000 563 Michael

First goal for the day was finding a new accommodation. It’s not very difficult to beat the comfort of the old on as you can image from the pictures of the forecourt. The Marco Polo Hostel was near, new renovated and made a very good impression so we changed to that place.

Around midtime we tried our luck at the dealer we’re Asmirs bike stands. He didn’t want to work on Sunday (easy to understand) so his neighbours helped us. They checked the Voltage and with 16V it was much too high. That confirmed the broken regulator. I guess the Lion battery Asmir uses got to hot and disconnected itselfs for safty. So his bike couldn’t run anymore. The guys installed the spare regulator and we checked temperature of the now single wires. During that all Kai adjusted his carburettor, we changed tyres and sprocket at my bike and Asmir Tyres were mounted too. Good use for that rainy day.

Day 9, 2016.07.17 Irkutsk

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