Day 7, 2016.07.15 Babuschkin

Day 7, 2016.07.15 Babuschkin 1000 667 Michael

The night was cold we had frost in the night. We wanted to get out of this track asap. We didn’t had many supplies because we didn’t expected that we need 2 days.

Day 7, 2016.07.15 Babuschkin

The steep hill seemed to offer the direct way. It was not just steep i guess 30%, it was also cut in two by water. The groove was one meter deep and the remaining way had a slope to both sides. If you loose grip or stop you will definitely fall. The risk was too high for us, we decided to try it with a workaround. Instead of direct way we were targeting now to Tayozhnii. Most of the way from now looked like this:

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The Motivation was already low when Asmir fuelpump stopped working. But we still had an eye for the nice things. Later we realized that bigger problems were solved on that road in the past and maybe we had changed the vehicle if we had found this tank earlier.  We could solve that problem and rode on to a small Hotel in Babushkin. It felt damned good not to be food while we were eating.

Day 7, 2016.07.15 Babuschkin

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