Day 8, 2016.07.16 Irkutsk

Day 8, 2016.07.16 Irkutsk 1000 667 Michael

After the night in the Hotel it looked good that we can get some time back with a long asphalt ride to Irkutsk. We spend a little time on adjustments on the Bikes and left. View on Lake Baikal was wonderful. We also met some Russian GS-Drivers during a fuel stop.

200km later the africa twin was broken again. Asmir explained it must be the regulator. Ok I thought two connectors 30 minutes work with unloading and loading and we’re on our way again. After unloading, Asmir presented the spare part, a piece of used cheap ebay shit. The connectors were cut off, and the wires we’re just 5 instead of 7 at the original part. I checked the generator and the connectors function with my checklamp. The doubled wires had the same function so it was at least possible to use the spareregulator. To end the upcoming discussion I accepted to run the bike with the powerpack and disconnected generator to prevent damage to the power pack. He came 15km in the discussion nobody thought about the fuel pump. Kai towed him to a nearby parking slot. At that time David (the Smiling Guy in the Background) and his Russian friends stopped near to me. Another Group of GS-Drivers. I explained what happened and his friend on the cellphone organized a towing service to Irkutsk. 130€ for 200km, 75-150€ we’re estimated by the GS drivers before. Plenty of time to chase after pictures.

We waited 3h drove another 2h behind the slowest truck I’ve ever seen. Elephant race at 20km/h. When we arrived at Irkutsk the odyssey for an accommodation started. We landed in a Ghosthouse we’re you could smell the moult in the walls already. Ok one night and we’re gone.

Day 8, 2016.07.16 Irkutsk

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