Day 10, 2016.07.18 Kachug

Day 10, 2016.07.18 Kachug 1000 667 Michael

Asmir waked us at 6:00. I couldn’t believe my tired eyes. I followed a few minutes later. He sorted out some things and wanted to send them with the demounted tires to OASIS Ulaanbaatar. So we looked for a Mailoffice. After a 1h walk we found one after waiting they explained us that we have to go to a special office for parcels at the other end of the city. We took a taxi and send a parcel for 70€ and hoped it will not lead into trouble with Mongolian customs.

After check out we left at 14:00. The Road was completely Asphalt and very boring. Most interesting was a short fotobreak, were these 3 drunken but still polite guys insited on beeing photographed. Jackpot was our nice Hotel with Russian Sauna.

Day 10, 2016.07.18 Kachug

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