Day 28-32, 2016.08.05-09 Ulaanbaatar

Day 28-32, 2016.08.05-09 Ulaanbaatar 1000 750 Michael
Day 28, 2016.08.05

Ok journey is over now. Main Targets today make the appointment with MonEx to bring the bikes back in boxes, get Asmirs package at the Post Office and buy some Souvenirs. While doing that we saw a Burger King. After so much time without knowing what you get when you order, it felt so good to go somewhere to eat where you can choose between things you know what they are. Later I started with the maintenance of my bike. It’s a long list:

  • Chain has lost 10 rollers, sprockets are of course worn out too
  • The russian mechanic that changed tyres and sprocket missed to mount the upper chain guide near the sprocket again. What made my problem with the chain a bit more exciting. But it was important for him to tighten the screw so hard that I couldn’t open it anymore.
  • Rearframe is bend again, I bend it before in the western alps but could bend it back in my workshop. This time it’s not possible so I’ll look for a used frame in Germany.
  • I could find the hole in the tyre now you can easily see the tube. If that wasn’t you could ride the tyres at least for another 3000km and they had already 2000km on gravel and another 2000km on asphalt. I really like these Mitas C11/C02 combination. It was a bit difficult to handle when they were new but after 500km perfect everywhere I went.
    I cracked my selfmade toolbox and lost the cover. Its already the second, the first was 2mm aluminium and it bended. This was 3mm now the welding broke. To much work for the small advantage.
  • One lost screw on the pannier
  • Rearaxle is very rusty I expect a problem with the wheel bearing soon too
  • Brakedisks are worn out in rear and front
  • Of course the oil of engine and fork needs to be replaced
  • A indicator left front is broken
  • The cable of the speedsensor is broken
  • I already repaired the sw motech side stand which was bended during the river crossing on the Ural truck
  • The tyre holder for the rear lost its rubber
  • The clip of one saddlebag is broken

I’m still not shure if the Problem that my bike stops running from time to time is a result of the bad fuel. It always starts immediately again when I push the start button after it quits working. I will replace the spark plug and ignition cables just to be shure. There is a KTM Dealer in Ulaanbaatar but I guess it’s cheaper to buy spare parts in Germany put them in a box and send them to Mongolia. Maybe I find some people with the same needs to share the shipping costs.

Day 29-30, 2016.08.06-07

Traveling and Work is done already so nothing to do. Hanging around reading, writing, exchange stories with other travellers, but these were still long days. These are three websites of travellers we meet.

Day 31, 2016.08.08

9:00 we arrived at monex to bring our bikes back into boxes. At 10:30 Mr Gonnie arrived and apologised for the delay. I eased myself by thinking the appointment we made on Friday was a misunderstanding. We explained him the problems with the carnet papers at the border and that we were worrying about vehicle entry in our passports. This would result in difficulties when leaving Mongolia by plane of course without the vehicle. He wrote a letter to confirm that the bikes are stored at Monex and asked at the customs office if everything is correct. They confirmed that we’ll not get any problems at the Airport. Bringing the bikes back in boxes was easier this time after I asked Mr. Gonnie to bring a cordless screwdriver. But still a sad feeling to say goodbye to you bike for one year. Luckily the company at the Oasis offered a nice distraction. But It felt a bit strange when a group of older Austrian train travellers arrived. They were fascinated of what we and the other motorcyclist do asked a lot of questions. But I really felt like being an exhibit in a Zoo when the entered our yurt and took photographes. I missed comments like “Wow, Look, these are the insane people that go extreme motorcycle travelling” We kew that we will leave at 5am in the morning so we paid our bill, said goodbye to the other travellers and went out for a nice dinner together with Kai.

Day 32, 2016.08.09

Against Asmirs prediction the taxi driver was punctual. But against to Sarahs perdiction he charged us with 45000 MNT we explained that we expected 25.000 MNT and showed him that we just had 35000 MNT. I’m still not shure if there is really a night tariff but he accepted and the difference of 4€ is an appropriate tip for getting up so early. The driving style of the driver was really incredible. He drove through the city with 100km/h at least before he ignored the red traffic lights he slowed down to 50km/h. After check in they explained that there is a problem with my luggage. I was very nervous I was carring some bear ham with me and I’m still not shure if this is allowed or not. But the Problem was the lighter in my cookware, and the bag I stored in my helmet which contained matches, and sparescrews. The plane had a small delay which resulted into problems for many other passengers. Waiting in Ulaanbaatar was a less comfortable then waiting in Moscow but it didn’t make a big difference for us. Germany already prepared its best weather for us, 18°C and rain. In Siberia I wore my jacket just as mosquito protection, now I needed it as insulation against the cold. One week ago I repaired 3 flat tires in the Siberian sun with 38°C. We both wanted to fly back directly :-)
Thanks to my father who picked us up at the Airport. Arriving at home after this trip was still an amazing feeling. The thing I missed most? A good salad, which you can eat without the fear of getting the runs.

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