Primus Rally 2015

just a meeting, with snow, ice and -17°C

The Primusrallye is a special kind of motorcycle meeting. Named after the Swedish manufacturer of fuel cookers, which are absolutely necessary for cooking at all. Gas and alcohol will work badly or not at all at these temperatures. On the last weekend of February, temperatures below 0°C are guaranteed in Norway. We were very lucky with the weather conditions. The temperature decreased about 5° down to -17 ° C during the 3 nights. With a lot more experience we were able to pack our more or less appropriate gear and look forward to the warm ferry after the coldest night. The generosity and cordiality with that our Danish friends of motorcycle clubs Hotwheels Billund and MC Kvaernen received us will stay in my mind forever.

For all who want to learn more about the Primus Rally, I refer to the much nicer reports of Martin.

Ride Report 2015:

Ride Report 2016 (without me):

How do you get such an idea?
In 2014 I met Martin at Askija in Iceland for the first time. He was worried that he could not get to the next gas station with the remaining fuel in his tank. 15 minutes earlier, we had bought the fuel for the snowmobile of the janitor and poured it into our tanks. Without a pump it was very difficult to share now. I offered him my phone number to bring him gasoline in case he runs out on the road. Martin was optimistic to reach an alleged petrol station in the Mödrudalur and declined to my surprise. On the ferry back we met again in the Skybar. He had indeed made it to Mödrudalur and had found the “gas station” in a barn. During the long crossing, there was plenty of time for beer and conversation. We exchanged contact information knowing that most of the travel contacts are quickly forgotten. I was very surprised a short time later to hear his suggestion for the Primus Rally. Martin had met Qvan of Hotweels Billund on a motorcycle meeting on his journey back to England These two motorcycle clubs go to this meeting every year. It would be a lie to claim that I was keen for that idea from start. But as longer I thought about it, as more I like the idea to drive on Studs through Norway. So I agreed.

For reasons I can only call dumb today my camera stayed at home. So only a few lousy mobile pictures are mine. The beautiful pictures are Martin’s merit!

Of course I did a test ride. This led me to the elephant meeting. In a direct comparison I prefer  the more familiar meeting in Norway. Apart from that, it is much more relaxed in winter to drive on spikes what is not allowed in Germany even for motorcycles.

If you are interested in doing something comparable please contact me. After I was declared mad for my plans by hard bikers on the elephant meeting, I doubt that details on the topic here would ever read by anyone 😉

Last but not least the lines and in this case also make the coordinates of the meeting are also useful: N60° 28.198′ E10° 15.383′

2 Bikers was iceland not cold Enough. Studs on ice a pleasure of a different kind Timeschedule 5 Weeks, 600km (3600 incl. transfer) driven

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