Eastern Adriatic 2013

Soft Approach? As if! Full Throttle!

Ostadria 2013 was for me a slow approach to my dream of travelling to Iceland. Not a bad idea in theory. After you crossed Albania you’ll finds conditions which are by no means worse than those in the rest of southern Europe. But if you just choose the most difficult ways that you can find during the whole journey, it has nothing in common with the slow approach of the initial idea.

I inspired Fabian for this tour via “join my trip”. Andi was randomly on the same ferry with the same destination and was easy to motivate to complete the team. Two townsman, villager. A tractor, an overloaded hardenduro and a small thumpers. A craftsman, an engineer and a law student. The constellation could not have been more unusual. Fortunately we had one thing in common. For all three, it was the first trip of that kind. Everyone has learned many lessons and together we had a lot of fun.

The report is will not be accomplished before winter 2017 but you’ll find some impressions in the slider. Because I was often about the route of this trip you’ll find the lines below too. If you can’t wait so long, please contact me.

3 Rider on their first big motorcycle journey along the eastern Adriatic coastline. Very step learning curve ;-) Time schedule 3 Weeks, 3500km driven

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