Western Alps 2013

if you're able to drive, you're still not able to jump

Already in the Vosges I had met with Steven unfortunately we did not have much time there. We planned already to visit the Western Alps together before. From German Enduro drivers often described as an El Dorado I wanted to be at least once there.

On the first day was the long transfer. After all, this is not so boring along the Alps. Especially the Furkapass held a surprise for us. Fog reduced our speed to walking pace and as an addition rain and snow. The bad weather reduced the fun for the participants of the ongoing oldtimer rallye too. The cars were mostly convertibles with lousy lights. After the great St. Bernhard I had to surrender. A cramp in the left thigh made it impossible for me to continue. 500km and 12h ride through the Alps are nothing for unexperienced bikers. Luckily we found a place to stay soon.

My thigh has recovered well overnight so that I could start in full strength on the second day. Through the Aosta Valley, we headed for Col de Isèran. At the Lac du Mont-Cenis, our first off-road stage was already waiting with the first snowfield. With united forces we were able to overcome this obstacle more by pushing than driving. On the following bumpy track it made me happt that I at least attached my luggage better than in the Vosges. But I wasn’t  ssatisfied with my tire selection. After the TKC80 in the Vosges has annoyed me with wobbly behavior, I had to accept now that a Heidenau K60 (no scout) is a bit better on asphalt but not just a bit worse on gravel. Luckily we reached the campsite Gran Bosco a short time later. The next day the baggage remained here and we could leave lightweight for our daytrips.

The day trip on the third day led us across the Colle delle Finestre, due to due to Novalesa-Ferrera Strada back to the Lac du Mont-Cenis. In this section there was again a nice snowfield. My attempt to go through was abruptly stopped. After all, I knew what to expect in a snowfield. Back on the campsite new enduro drivers arrived again. The fuel talks were formally imposed on one. The atmosphere of this paddock felt somehow strange to me.

On the fourth day we started towards Lago Nero and Valle Argentiera. To dash on the usual suspects like Chaberton, Jafferau or even Sommeiller was after the reports from the paddock hopeless. There was still snow everywhere. Both routes are very scenic but almost too easy. Otherwise I had not the idea to jump over a crest on the way back from Valle Argentiera. Of course that failed and I slammed my head on the floor. Luckily I could get up but had to sit down immediately. I was totally dizzy I took off the helmet because I was afraid to have vomit. A few minutes later howeverwe were lift up my bike and drive back. Actually, I should have visited a hospital, in the evening the symptoms of a brain shaking were complete. My torn pants and the bend tail frame of my bike cemented my decision to leave next day. The routine during these day trips, by the daily leaving of the paddock, the similar approach until I had gravel under the wheels bored me anyway. With the today here tomorrow there from the Vosges this had nothing in common. I just wanted more travel atmosphere and was in mind already at Ostadria 2013

As I had decided the day before, I quit the Western Alps on the fifth day. The journey home was almost like an escape. Steven and I have lost each other around Martingy and I came home after my first 650km marathon during the night.

2 Greenhorns daytripping. Again a very step learning curve ;-) Timeschedule 5Tage , 1900km driven

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