Balkan Compact 2015

my as much Balkan as possibe tour from 2015

Bike KTM 640 Enduro, no teammates

Day 19, 2015.05.31 Back Home
Day 19, 2015.05.31 Back Home 1000 667 Michael

Is the last day of my trip I stayed in Slovakia in a small guesthouse. It was definitely a new low point of accommodations I had. If you ride the…

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Day 18, 2015.05.30 Biela Hora
Day 18, 2015.05.30 Biela Hora 1000 667 Michael

This Morning started a bit strange. I left my room and it seemed that I was alone. Front door Restaurant door were locked. I walked around in the Building and…

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Day 17, 2015.05.29 Brusnytsia
Day 17, 2015.05.29 Brusnytsia 1000 667 Michael

I left the Hotel early in the Morning because I knew nothing about Moldova and was a bit nervous what awaits me. When I reached the border the queue of…

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Day 16, 2015.05.28 Rasesti
Day 16, 2015.05.28 Rasesti 1000 667 Michael

I knew I am not on Iceland but this day felt like I am. I left the pensiona around 9 o’clock the temperature was 2°C it was foggy and started…

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Day 15, 2015.05.27 Rucar
Day 15, 2015.05.27 Rucar 1000 667 Michael

This day I wanted to ride the Transfogarascher on my way to this famous road I shot a nice picture I hope they never cut this dead but beautiful tree.…

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Day 14, 2015.05.26 Palanca
Day 14, 2015.05.26 Palanca 1000 667 Michael

I started my day with adjusting the chain tension because breakfast is not available before 8 o’clock. I hope breakfast in Bulgaria is not always two pieces of bred roasted…

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Day 13, 2015.05.25 Etropole
Day 13, 2015.05.25 Etropole 1000 667 Michael

I dried my tent from the rain of the night early and lied in my sleeping bag again to give the sun time to do the rest. Woke up later…

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Day 12, 2015.05.24 Camp Bor
Day 12, 2015.05.24 Camp Bor 1000 667 Michael

My second day in Mazedonia was much better. I stayed on the Main Roads but still got some nice impressions: In the middle of the countryside I saw a hill…

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Day 11, 2015.05.23 Kicevo
Day 11, 2015.05.23 Kicevo 1000 667 Michael

My day started with saying goodbye to Robert. Our ways split I continued east to Kosovo his direction is south to Peshkopi. Thanks fort the nice time Robert. I definitely…

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Day 10, 2015.05.22 Kukes
Day 10, 2015.05.22 Kukes 1000 563 Michael

An average rainy day, so no motivation for pictures and videos. We rode to Valbone valley which is a very touristic place and made our way to Kukes later. My…

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