Day 14, 2015.05.26 Palanca

Day 14, 2015.05.26 Palanca 1000 667 Michael

I started my day with adjusting the chain tension because breakfast is not available before 8 o’clock. I hope breakfast in Bulgaria is not always two pieces of bred roasted in a pan with a lot of fat. It looks nearly as they have fried it. Some Pictures of the day:

I really was impressed where these old Trucks could go. I meet many of them in the forests of Bulgaria and Macedonia. Trucks like these made the Trails that I struggled with.

Spending my last Lews was really interesting I spend 10 for a man that was totally happy that he could clean the bike of a German, because he worked in Germany some years ago. Another 7 for supplies in a shop the very polite woman was confused that I gave her the rest as tip. She accepted it not before i explained that i will leave the country. Outside a shop a farmer greeted me in German and wanted me to join his table. I agreed he explained that he was for a practical in Bavaria and showed me in a small video what he made out of the knowledge here in Bulgaria. He gave me one of his paprika as a present. If I had not spent my last money for supplies I had bought him a beer but the conversation made both happy anyway.

The plan was crossing the border by ferry at Nikopol. But their timetable had forced me to wait 2 hours. No way! I decided to take the bridge in ruse. A big detour but better that, than hanging around waiting. On the way it started raining again but in the end I reached my target Romania. My Hotel looked a bit strange but no other reason to complain.

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